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Changing with NLP
changing with nlp

Short Description:

A Casebook of Neuro-linguistic Programming in Medical Practice (Paperback) Including numerous practical exercises to strengthen skills, this book explains what neuro-linguistic programming is and how it can be incorporated into daily clinical practice. It complements "Consulting with NLP" (1-85775-995-8).

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‘I’m so delighted that Lewis Walker has gathered together this NLP material and is making it available in such a comprehensive and original format. It is an invaluable resource. The chapters contain a wealth of clinical experience and offer numerous case histories and coherent explanations of why particular interventions actually work. In addition they have helpful hints and provide practical step-by-step guides.

Whether you want to learn this way of thinking so that you can generate new systematic interventions, or you just want rapid access to what’s been developed for the benefit of your patients, I believe you will find Changing with NLP a real source-book for healing - for both patient and physician’

Ian McDermott, Director of Training, International Teaching Seminars, in the Foreword

‘Lewis Walker has the ability to tailor NLP techniques to the challenges of daily medical practice. One of his important professional aims is to encourage his colleagues to incorporate the fruits of the NLP approach within mainstream medicine, in order to help clients make the emotional and behavioural changes that are needed to support medical treatment. I know that for those physicians who take this message to heart, Changing with NLP will act as a powerful stepping stone in fulfilling these aims’

Steve Andreas, NLP Trainer, in the Foreword
  • Preparation
  • Starting the journey
  • Models of learning and changing
  • Basics of changing with NLP
  • Anatomy of change
  • Practice
  • Getting what you want
  • Building resources
  • Collapsing anchors
  • Chaining anchors together
  • Basic submodality patterns
  • Phobias and traumatic memories
  • The counter-example process
  • Resolving grief
  • Six-step reframing
  • Relationships through the looking glass
  • Using time for a change
  • Integrating parts
  • Possibility
  • Clinical concerns
  • NLP - Freud and friends
  • The dark side of the force
  • Further along the path
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